Mauro Ochoa

Mauro lives in Bariloche, a mountain town in Northern Patagonia; Argentina.

He works as fishing guide and Underhand casting instructor in Nahuel Huapi National Park area. Bariloche is surrounded by high mountains, forest and a big system of lakes. As you drive to the east the main rivers run into the Patagonian desert, called Estepa. The town of Bariloche is the starting point of many prime fishing destinations. Limay and Traful are two of the best rivers in northern patagonia where you can fish for rainbow, brown, silver brown trout and land locked salmon. Limay and Traful rivers are also ideal for wading with two handed rods chasing for the big ones on November (premier), December, March and April (fall).

He runs his own fishing operation for more than 10 years, His programs combine fishing with casting clinics for all levels, and go from day trips to several days fishing trips or expeditions; camping on the river bank or staying at nearby estancias cabins surrounded by wild Patagonian landscapes.

Passionate fly tier, Mauro spend the winter tying for his clients, lending casting courses and guiding in Orkla river (Norway). He also work in the local guides association and in different conservation projects.

Gary Scott

World Champion Gary Scott, SGAIC, APGAI, AAPGAI

Gary is recognised as one of the finest fly casters in the world today with experience around the world in all aspects of game angling. Double-handed Spey casting and single-handed casting can be taught to the highest standards.

Vidar Næss

Vidar resides in Sandefjord and is a very good fly caster, which can also be confirmed by his merits. Vidar started fishing in Nord-Trøndelag as a boy with everything possible. At the age of 26 he bought his first fly rod and then there was no way back. Vidar is a perfectionist and trains countless hours of fly rod during the year. He is a very good competitor:

¤ Won the overall # 5 cup victory in 2012 (both length and precision)
¤ Won the overall victory in the Guideline Cup in 2012
¤ Recently became Nordic champion in Salmon Distance (15ft head) in Tampere, Finland -2013
¤ Also got silver in precision in the same championship
¤ Got silver in Spey O Rama and won the gold in Salmon Distance (15ft head) during the John Enright Festival in Ireland 2013
Vidar fishes both salmon, trout and sea trout in the sea.

Anders Berg

Anders has fished all of his life, but only gained momentum in fly fishing when he met Knut and Trond on a course at Orkla in 1998. He has been associated with LTS since its infancy in 2004 as an owner of sports shops and a user of the equipment. Salmon fishing has always been fishing no. 1 for Anders, but is no stranger to trying sea trout either. He has traveled land and beach around Norway and fished in many rivers, but it is probably the Trøndelag rivers he feels most at home in. Lives today in Grong, a fly cast from Namsen. Works at Sportsfiskelandslinja at Grong Videregående Skole and thus made Sportfiske a livelihood. There is nothing like seeing a new student grab the fly rod and suddenly get a revelation… says Anders Driver with guiding and holds a throwing course in Namsen and then there are 2 hand fishing that applies.

César García

César García is a well known fly fisher amongst the Spanish fishing community and a pioneer in Spey casting tuition in Spain. He has more than thirty years of experience in studying and teaching all fly and Spey casting disciplines, styles and their evolution with single and double handed rods. Fly casting is more than a fishing tool for César; it’s a sport in itself, and has brought him to develop his own casting styles and to adapt lines and rod profiles.César is currently a team member, consultant and dealer of LTS-Fly Fishing in Spain. He also collaborates with Lax-á Angling Club giving tuition and advice to its Spanish customers. Cesar runs the first fly casting and fly fishing school “Spey made in Spain” as qualified fly casting and fishing instructor. His web site is a common reference for the Spanish community; a technical referral to learn about modern tackle and techniques for salmon fly fishing and fly casting.

César is a truly passionate salmon fly fisher, but also a seasoned fly angler for pike, trout and ciprinids, and holds multiple trophies in European waters.

Peter Thomsen

Peter is a Danish immigrant who joined the Loop Team over in LTS when it started in 2004 so he knows LTS as his own pants pocket.

How long he has been fishing with a fly is a secret … but he got his first fly rod when he was 14 years. He is a passionate trout and salmon fisherman, and fishes around the world, among other things. countless times at Kola, as well as Scotland, Argentina, Canada and Alaska. Another “fishing” that is close to his heart is Bonefish and Tarpon. He has visited Cuba and Los Roques several times. Peter is an instructor in Sandnes Flycasting.

Simon Ommundson

Simon can be found almost all season along the river banks in Rogaland. It is fishing for Salmon that is closest to Simon’s heart. When he was 14-15 he bought his first fly rod, when the race was over. Simon uses most of the Dark Winter evenings in front of the inner canal and has developed several solid fishing catches. Once the ice is gone, he is quickly out and fine-tuning the throwing technique. As a salmon fisherman, Simon has had the opportunity to try many different Equipment, but has finally returned to LTS.

Hans Spinnler

Hans Spinnler lives in Switzerland. He has been fishing for almost 40 years with the single-, and doublehanded fly rod.

He fishes on atlantic salmon with the doublehanded fly rod in Norway, Russia and Scotland. With the singlehanded fly rod Hans fishes on trout, sea trout and grayling in Bosnia, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.Hans Spinnler is a certified Master Flycasting Instructor (FFFE / EFFA)
His specialty is the underhand technique.
Hans has been successfully managing a professional fly fishing school for almost 30 years and offers his fly fishing courses throughout Europe with single- and two-handed fly fishing rods. In 2015, Hans Spinnler published the first German-language educational film about the technique of underhand with the two-hand fly rod.

Since 1991, Hans Spinnler runs a salmon-fly fishing lodge at the Orkla, one of the most productive salmon rivers in Norway. See also

Stein Tore Larsen

Stein Tore comes from Lillehammer and is a very capable fly fisherman.

He has been fishing with the fly for over 20 years and is a very knowledgeable resource person in his area.
He mastered both single-handed and double-handed fly rods.
Stein Tore is also a very capable fly tier and not a few times both salmon and trout have been tricked by his creations.

Stein Tore is always on the spot if anyone needs help with any equipment related issues.

Jarle Strandberg

Jarle has been a fly fisherman since he was a kid.

He likes dry fly and sea trout fishing that has taken most of the time.

… and?  Salmon fishing.

Jarle is also competed with competition casting which has meant that he is in the Norwegian national team in practical fly fishing, he is Norwegian champion in fly fishing both for teams and individually.

In recent years, however, he has only competed with fly tying, fly on the national team there still as captain and throw. He is Norway’s champion there too, with single-handed rod. He also has several Norwegian Cup wins with double-handed rod.

“For the past three or four years, I have focused mostly on spey throwing, which I think it is really cool”

Ole Børre Børresen

Ole Børre is, as he said a few years ago, 47 years young and comes from Sandefjord.

Ole Børre or Børre, as most people call him, is a very keen fisherman and sails around salmon fishing in southern Norway during the summer. He also fishes in the troughs and in the western part of the country. In the western part of the country, night fishing for sea trout applies. Night fishing for large sea trout is one of what he finds most exciting. He also fishes in the sea trout in the sea outside the salmon season, although it has become less of a problem in recent years as he spends a lot of time honing the casting technique on doublehanded rods. He trains with all types of rods, ropes and lengths and thinks it is important to always be prepared as a scout.

Børre is also a good fly tier and also spends some time on this hobby. Not so badly, his lucky comrades got fish on his flies, which he thinks is fun.

Does not actively participate in courses, but he is often contacted by avid fishermen about equipment, lines, throwing, etc., then he contributes and helps as best he can.

Then a small call from Ole Børre in the end: do not put the rod away when the season is over. Take a trip out and practice fly-throwing. The more often you do this, the better you will be. You also get more enjoyable experiences in the river no matter what fishing situation you are in. And not least, you get more fish!

Tony Rubbås Jacobsen

Tony is a resident of Bardufoss and is a very good fisherman and fly tier.

When he was 10-11 years old, Tony started fishing for trout and char, which was his great passion until he was 20 years old. He accidentally lent the rod to the little brother and got salmon on the other cast. Thus, he was sold like many others.
Tony is a good instructor and guide and also devotes some of his free time to this, but also tends his ego on his own fishing in the Målselva.
As a hiker, Tony has had the opportunity to try a lot of different equipment and has now finally landed on the right shelf at LTS.

Christian Eriksen

Christian is a salmon fisherman and lives in Stjørdalselva.

He works daily as a security nurse but as soon as the opportunity arises he goes fishing.
Fishes salmon almost every day throughout the season, preferably in the Stjørdal river, but has been fishing in a number of rivers in Norway as well as the river Spey in Scotland. As long as it is possible, Kristian fishes all year round and preferably for salmon and sea trout.
He has for many years worked as a guide at the venerable Renå farm in the Størdals river and at Hembre farm.
As he himself says “Happy walks in the woods and fields, calm, kind and easy to keep reindeer, ladies with big farm with fishing nets please contact”

Jan Morten Utsi

Jan Morten lives in Karasjok, located in the heart of Finnmark.

He is a skilled fisherman and fly caster. His private address is at a deep ridge behind the bend. At age 10, he started as a fly fisherman after getting a two-handed rod from an experienced fisherman. He likes to fish with light two-handed rods on big fish.

He fishes throughout the long Tanavass River, but takes many trips to the Børsva River, the Lakselva River and the other rivers in eastern Finnmark. The summer is too short, so the preparations for the season start in October, after 1 month of fishing free, where 400 new flies will see the light of day in his own ” furtebu ” with hours of fishing movies.

Kristin Igelkjøn

Kristin has been fishing with the fly for the last few years and love fishing since she was a young girl. She assists LTS-Flyfishing with the digital and has worked as a digital advisor for 15 years.

Nature is the driving force and she enjoys fishing in everything from small rivers, water and in the sea.

Hans Martin Iversen

Hans Martin lives at Sortland in Vesterålen, and has been a keen fisherman for decades.  The last 15 years solely fly-fishing.

He starts the season as soon as there is ice-free waters , and holds on until the Beiarelva closes for the season on September 15. Runs many kilometres between the Målselva, Beiarelva, Saltdalselva, Ranaelva, Namsen and Orkla during the season.

Hans Martin is happy to demo equipment in his entire operating area and do demos on demand.
Hans Martin has a huge interest in recruiting for fly fishing and is happy to put on demos for children and youth.

Per Morten Storengen

Per Morten practically lives in Stjørdal.

Per Morten has been with LTS since its inception. A few years ago, much of the time went to two-handed spey training and competitions. The focus has turned somewhat over time, and while it is still fun to ‘move the shooting line’ (quote Knut), it is now recreation and experience that is the driving force. Throwing technique and practical fishing are now close to his heart. Per Morten expresses the following: ‘Time stands still in a large summer river with Across 15 and full length on Across flow. I never get tired of feeling well done and the sight of the leash sticking out like an arrow with a veiled sunray in tow. Then just wait … .. ‘

Kristian Bjelland and Ørjan Kjerland

Ørjan and Kristian are both passionate salmon fishermen.

The former was born and raised in the river, and number two was bitten by the basil at the age of 12 years. They spend the summer fishing in large parts of southern Norway, mainly western Norway. In June / July they prefer to fish in rivers they are well known and have good experience from. But appreciate at least as much in the car in the rains to fish salmon that go on the river during the summer against spawning.

They are both capable flyers who like to hold demos or courses in and out of season.

Rune Stafne

Rune is an eminent single-handed fly caster and not least a fisherman.

Rune only fishes with one-handed fly rod and does this on sea trout in the sea and trout in rivers.
It is a dream to see how perfect laces are formed when he handles the rod.
He is also a skilled fly tier.

Raimon Igelkjøn

Raimon has been fly fishing since he was 11 years old. It was his grandfather who was the driving force and natural mentor. From Raimon he was young and promising he was with his grandfather, who is from Sogn and Fjordane, to fish in the rivers Jølstra, Gaula, Nausta and Flekkeelva. At the age of 12, Raimon got his first salmon on an undersized pole and unfortunately lost the match after 45 minutes. He never forgot that fight. Today he fishes for 5 days salmon fishing in Jølstra every year and has not missed a single year except for the years in the 90s that the river was closed. During that period there was fishing in Nausta and the Flekke River.

During his teens he developed a great passion for fly fishing and mainly for salmon, sea trout and inland trout. He also fishes for other species when it falls. Like for example a pike in the Borrevannet, 5 min walk from his house in Horten. Always with fly rod.

Raimon is an “all-rounder” and mastered most of it, but most of his free time goes to the inland trout on Skrimfjellet and Gautefall in Telemark.

Martin Nilsen

Martin has been fishing for salmon since he was 6 years old, but already got his first salmon as a 5 year old boy. He has just completed 3 years at Grong angling, where he has been a certified advance flycasting instructor and guide. Martin’s salmon fishing mainly takes place in the Porsanger rivers Lakselva and Børsva but also travels around the country and tries other rivers. Martin’s favorite rod is clearly Nitro 13.6 which he himself thinks is the dream rod for someone who is both casting and fishing enthusiast!

Andreas Eriksen

Andreas – 24 years old from East Finnmark. Comes from an avid outdoor family, and the whole extended family has salmon fishing on the agenda from June to the end of August. Andreas has from the age of 4-5 been on a trip with his father and grandfather, who should have a lot of credit for the fact that it was salmon fishing that became the big thing for Andreas.

He says `My first salmon was caught in Kongsfjordelva together with my dad as a 6 year old, and in retrospect there have been many more, and now in the last millions of delicious casts with formidable equipment! (LTS ❤️)
I spend the summer months in beautiful varanger and more specifically Vardø / Komagvær, here I am so lucky to have a cabin 1 kilometer from the komagelva, which is an incredible gem in the middle of varanger.
If someone wants to experience a wild Finnmark river, and not least an incredibly beautiful nature, there is no point in hesitating! Just to take the trip, I can help as an acquaintance after growing up in the valley. In addition to this, I have good knowledge of several of the beautiful rivers in East Finnmark, then mainly Sandfjordelva, Kongsfjordelva, Bergebyelva and Vestre Jakobselv.

Robin Petersen

Robin Pettersen is a knowledgeable fly fisherman based in Narvik, Nordland.

Fishing interest was aroused on the family’s mountain hut when he was a little boy, and there it was fishing for trout with both field, fly and swallow that mattered.
Already as a kid, he found it important to choose equipment according to the conditions to catch fish.
Robin fishes some Trout and Rye with light equipment, but fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout in flowing water is closest to his heart.

Over the course of his 30 years as a fly fisherman, Robin has acquired a great deal of knowledge, and he always chooses equipment and throwing techniques according to his surroundings.
Robin is a skilled thrower with both one-handed and two-handed fly rod, and he is happy to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested.
During the summer, Robin fishes in many of the best rivers in Northern Norway, and he holds a delightful course and demo of LTS’s range.